Girl of 10,000 Lakes & The Lil' Hotdish

Posted by Chris Larsen on 14th Nov 2019

Jenny Anderson is known as the Girl of 10,000 Lakes. Her  blog and Instagram account are loaded with stories and photos of her outdoor adventures. She didn’t grow up with a love of ice fishing. But when she met a man who was in the midst of starting his own ice fishing adventure, she was all-in. “Even if you didn’t grow up hunting, fishing, camping, all those things, which I didn’t, it’s never too late to discover it, even as an adult,” said Anderson. Listen to our conversation w
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Lindy Glow Spoon & Glow Streak with Jon Thelen - Fish House Nation Podcast Episode #9

Posted by Chris Larsen on 7th Nov 2019

High temperatures in the Brainerd, Minnesota area are forecasted in the 30s throughout the extended forecast. Water temperatures continue to dive. It won’t be long and we’ll have walkable ice. Now is a good time to go through your tackle boxes. I recently visited with Jon Thelen from Lindy Fishing Tackle. Lindy’s Glow Spoon revolutionized the way glow lures were designed. This year, Lindy has a new lure using the same glow feature but with a completely different action. the Glow S
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How To Choose Lure Colors For Ice Fishing

Posted by Chris Larsen on 30th Oct 2019

We’re talking colors in today’s post. Specifically, how to choose lure colors for ice fishing. Chances are if you ask five different ice anglers their favorite color, you’ll get at least three or four different answers. People are always asking “what is the hot color?” The truth is, when the bite is hot it probably doesn’t matter what you drop down the hole. But when things are tough the smallest details can make a difference. There are a lot of factors that go into finding the correct
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Dakota Ice Institute Preview

Posted by Chris Larsen on 28th Oct 2019

There is definitely getting to be a chill in the air. Ice fishing shows are coming up… I attended a store event at Joe’s Sporting Goods in St. Paul a week ago. It was fun to visit with diehard anglers already planning ahead for ice season. Those types of events are a great opportunity to see new products and visit with store staff and factory reps. But the big shows are coming up soon. Todd Heitkamp and his staff at Dakota Angler in Sioux Falls have been hosting this event since 2008.
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Little Things Make a Big Difference When Ice Fishing

Posted by Chris Larsen on 25th Oct 2019

One of the best parts of hosting an ice fishing podcast is getting a chance to talk to some of the best anglers on the ice belt. I often ask them what the difference between an average ice angler and an elite angler is. Time and time again the answer is “the little things”. Attention to detail separates the guys who catch fish when everything aligns and those who consistently pull fish through the ice no matter the conditions. “I notice with really good fisherman, what comes up time and
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