Hole Covers

Catch Covers keep snow, dirt, and road salt out of your fish house!

The original and #1 selling fish house hole cover cover on the market. 

Original Round Catch Cover


The Original and #1 selling fish house hole cover on the market. Original Round Catch Covers are the most popular choice for new fish house construction. They keep snow, dirt, and road salt out of your fish house when traveling over the roughest...

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Catch Cover Safety Cover


 The Safety Cover rests in the Catch Cover ring and prevents things like cell phones, glasses, kids, and pets from falling into an open ice hole. The injection-molded, honeycomb design provides strength without blocking airflow so the hole doesn't...

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Square Catch Cover


Square framed Catch Covers are most often used to retrofit fish houses with homemade hole covers already in the floor. 12" hole opening. The rough floor cut-out is 12-3/4" x 12-3/4". The flange is 1-7/8" tall. The top diameter is 16" x 16". Like the...

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Spear Hole Cover 24x36


Now with structural foam inside! Catch Cover's Spear Hole Cover gives dark house anglers a super durable, convenient hole cover that is easy to install and insulates the hole for easy re-opening. The addition of structural foam makes the lid "stiff as a...

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