Q: What are the screws on the back of the Safety Cover for? 

A: Moving the screws allows you to adjust the Safety Cover to use with any size hole. 

Q: What screws do you recommend for installing Catch Covers in my floor?

A: We recommend a #10 X 3/4" stainless steel screw.

Q: Do you still have spear hole covers?

A: Sorry, we no longer offer a spear hole cover.

Q: Do you have dealers in Canada?

A: Yes, please visit our Dealer Locator

Q: What is the best way to trim Hole Sleeves to height?

A: The molded trim lines are easy to follow with a jigsaw. Please fish with your Hole Sleeves BEFORE cutting them. Making them shorter is often not necessary.

Q: How can I get replacement parts for Rattlesnake Reels or Multi-Flex Rod Holders?

A: Please Contact Us and let us know what you need and your mailing address.

Q: How long do Moonglow Hole Sleeves glow continually?

A: Moonglow Hole Sleeves will be visible up to 8-hours in total darkness. You can expect them to fade throughout the night, but they will remain visible enough to identify the hole for safety purposes.  

Q: How do I recharge Moonglow Hole Sleeves?

A: Un-stack the sleeves and place them outside in direct sunlight. Artificial light will also work, but not as well as sunlight.

Q: What is the weight capacity of the Safety Cover? 

A: While the Safety Cover will support over 150lbs, it is intended to keep phones, valuables, children and pets out of open ice holes.

Q: Can I replace Ice Castle brand hole covers with real Catch Covers?

A: Yes, the Catch Cover flange is wide enough to cover the larger diameter hole opening found in Ice Castles.

Q: Does the Safety Cover work with Ice Castle brand hole covers?

A: Yes, move two of the adjustment screws on the bottom side of the Safety Cover to the outer set of holes.

Q: Where is Catch Cover made?

A: All our parts are made in Minnesota.