Hole Sleeves

Keep your fish house warmer, holes ice free, and save money on fuel with Catch Cover Hole Sleeves.

The 9-inch height is the most popular size for wheel houses and is available in black, white, or glow. The 18-inch tall version is for fixed axle campers or utility trailers converted into fish houses. 

9" Ice House Hole Sleeve


Catch Cover Hole Sleeves keep air drafts out of your fish house – keeping you warmer, your holes ice free, and saving you money by using less propane. They fit perfectly inside Catch Cover rings. Light and durable, these injection molded sleeves...

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18" Hole Sleeve


For use in fixed axle campers or utility trailers that are converted into ice houses. Re-designed for 2018-19. Our new 18" Hole Sleeves are injection molded from the same cold-weather polymer used in Original Catch Covers. Super durable and easy to...

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9" Moon Glow Hole Sleeve


Our new Moon Glow Hole Sleeves illuminate ice holes all night long! They keep drafts out and heat in just like our original hole sleeves, but give you an extra measure of safety at 2a.m. when your rattle reel goes off. Catch Cover Moon Glow Hole Sleeves...

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