Accessories to customize your fish house. 

All of our fish house accessories add convenience and function.

Lid Bracket


This bracket turns Catch cover lids into a shelf or stores them flush against the wall. Able to support 10-pounds, they mount perfectly next to the hole and make a great place to set your fish finder.

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QuickDisc Cup Holder

Securely holds all cans, bottles, and koozies. Also makes a handy minnow container! Includes QuickDisc Wall Mount and is interchangeable with Multi-Flex Rod Holders and Rattlesnake Reels.

Fish House Shelf Unit

This handy shelf fits almost anywhere and features a drink holder and foam lined tackle trays. Long enough to span wall studs built 16″ on-center. Angled corners let you put them close to the ice holes without bumping into them when augering...

Ice Rod Rack


New for 2017! Designed specifically for ice fishing rods. Holds 6 rod and reel combos. The T-lock design keeps rods securely in place without extra straps or foam. Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Features handy built-in hook and tool holders...

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Handle Trap, 2-per pack


The Handle Trap keeps Catch Cover lid handles in the down position for camping in your wheel house, preventing stubbed toes. The Handle Trap stays in place, is easy to remove, and prevents dirt and debris from collecting in the handle cavity when...

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Pro-Snake Camera Mount w/c-clamp


The Pro-Snake Camera mount lets you perfectly position action video cameras like the GoPro©, and also works great with Aqua-Vu Micro® and Marcum Recon® underwater video cameras. The c-clamp fits over pipes up to 1" - either round or...

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