Hard Baits For Bigger Bluegills and Crappies

Posted by Chris Larsen on 12th Oct 2020

Wisconsin ice angler Blake Tollefson loves chasing panfish all winter long but his passion is going after trophy panfish. While tungsten jigs with live bait or plastics are a staple of the panfish … read more

Using A Wheelhouse As A Base of Operations

Posted by Chris Larsen on 23rd Sep 2020

Fishing in a wheelhouse has a lot of advantages. It’s warm and cozy. You can hang out with family and friends. You’re never too far away from a refreshing drink or snack. It’s literally a home … read more

Buying A Used Wheelhouse

Posted by Chris Larsen on 21st Sep 2020

Ice will be forming on lakes in a few months and 2020 is sure to be a big year for anglers across the ice belt. More anglers than ever are expected to be on the ice. New and veteran ice anglers a … read more