Posted by Chris Larsen on 16th Dec 2020

Best Line For Ice Fishing

Jeremy Smith is a lifelong angler and many would say he is living the dream. Smith works for Lindner Media and has done just about every job in the company at one time or another. To say he’ …

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Posted by Chris Larsen on 8th Dec 2020

Ice Fishing Walleyes With Underwater Cameras

Kurt Walbeck spends most of his winters traveling throughout the ice belt trying to catch big fish through the ice. Walbeck is the host of the regional television show, Outdoor Bound TV. His trav …

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Posted by Chris Larsen on 24th Nov 2020

Destination Ice Fishing - Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods is one of the most legendary ice fishing destinations in the world. It covers more than 1,600 square miles, has over 65,000 miles of shoreline, and 14,000 islands. The lake stre …

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Posted by Chris Larsen on 23rd Nov 2020

Ice Fishing For Burbot With Brett McComas

Brett McComas is known as the man behind the keyboard at and the immensely popular Target Walleye e-Newsletter. He’s a self-diagnosed walleye nut but he loves chasing burbot …

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Posted by Chris Larsen on 10th Nov 2020

Red Lake Ice Fishing For Walleyes

Mark Bieganek is a lifelong ice angler on Red Lake. During the ice season, you can often find him helping people get on the bite out of West Wind Resort. In 2019, ice conditions were terribl …

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Posted by Chris Larsen on 26th Oct 2020

First Ice Crappie Fishing

First ice is like Christmas morning to diehard ice anglers. The anticipation of pulling the first fish of the year through a small hole in the ice keeps these fishermen and ladies up at night as s …

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