Girl of 10,000 Lakes & The Lil' Hotdish

Posted by Chris Larsen on 14th Nov 2019

Jenny Anderson is known as the Girl of 10,000 Lakes. Her  blog and Instagram account are loaded with stories and photos of her outdoor adventures. She didn’t grow up with a love of ice fis … read more

How To Choose Lure Colors For Ice Fishing

Posted by Chris Larsen on 30th Oct 2019

We’re talking colors in today’s post. Specifically, how to choose lure colors for ice fishing. Chances are if you ask five different ice anglers their favorite color, you’ll get at least three or … read more

Dakota Ice Institute Preview

Posted by Chris Larsen on 28th Oct 2019

There is definitely getting to be a chill in the air. Ice fishing shows are coming up… I attended a store event at Joe’s Sporting Goods in St. Paul a week ago. It was fun to visit with diehard an … read more